AXPONA 2010 Coverage

March 8, 2010
The Ayon Audio/Legacy Room

Ayon Audio and Legacy teamed-up in a large room to present five separate systems.

The first system was comprised of a new Ayon speaker (model name unknown), Ayon Vulcan monoblocks ($29,399/pair) and CD-5 CD player/preamp ($9,450). Notice the Acoustic Arts Tibetan cup and bell room acoustic treatment in the upper center of the photo. No literature on it was provided.

The Ayon Vulcan provides 60 watts with a tube compliment comprised of 2 x AA62B, 3 x 6h30 and 1 x 5U4G running in triode mode.

The CD-5 in addition to being a CD player is also a tube based preamplifier and DAC with two additional analog inputs and a full complement of digital inputs.

The second system featured Legacy Focus HD speakers ($8,400), an Ayon Triton integrated amp ($8,499) , and a Ayon CD-2 CD player ($5,500).

The Triton integrated is KT88-based and can be operated in triode or pentode model providing 60 watts/channel and 100 watts/channel respectively.

The Ayon CD-2 is also a tubed spinner with an additional digital input.

They also showed their new CD-07 CD player on static display ($2,399).

The big system was made up of Legacy Helix HD speakers each triamped by its own McIntosh MC3030 three-channel amplifier. (Apparently they felt that the Acoustic Arts room treatment wasn’t efficacious in this setup – note empty bracket in the center top of the photo.)

You just have to love McIntosh when the lights go low.

The source: again was the CD-5 CD player/preamp/DAC.

The fourth display had both the big oak Legacy Whispers ($17,500) and the smaller black Focus SEs ($8,850).

The Ayon CD-5 again served as CD player and preamplifier driving a pair of massive Ayon Orthos monoblocks ($20,500) . The eight KT88s run in both triode and pentode generating 120 watts and 300 watts respectively.

The final setup featured the Legacy Classic speakers ($4,200) with an Ayon Orion integrated amp ($2,399) and an Ayon CD-07 CD player.

The Orion integrated uses four KT88s and produces a power output of 30 watts/channel in triode mode or 50 watts/channel in pentode mode.

The CD-07 again.

The room was no place for an audition – the speakers were shouting at each other all the time.

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