AXPONA 2010 Coverage

March 8, 2010
The King Sound Labs/VAC Room

King Sound Labs is a company from Honk Kong and is being distributed by Performance Devices in Torrence, California. King makes electrostatic, dynamic/electrostatic hybrids and omnidirectional speakers. Their main presence at the show was demonstrating their The King full range electrostatics comprising seven low frequency panels crossed-over at 1200Hz to five high frequency panels. At just $8,500, they are more than competitive with the Magnepan’s 20.1 quasi-ribbon and ribbon speakers. While they threw a wide and deep soundstage, they were a little shy in the bass, being down 3db at 32Hz. But if you have the room and aren’t bothered with the missing bottom octave, they would be wonderful. I imagine they work particularly well on orchestral music.

The also showed a new omni-directional call the King Tower. At $4,300, if you are looking for an omni-directional and aren’t in a position to go for the mbls, these would be a good bet. The sweet spot is very wide indeed.

The components mated with the King speakers were from VPI, VAC and Accuphase. That’s the VPI Classic with JMW-10.5i tonearm ($2500) on top.

VAC’s Signature Mk 2 preamplifier – the power separate power supply is on the bottom shelf ($14,000).

One of a pair of the VAC phi 200s ($9,800).

The Accuphase DD-65 SACD player.

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