About the Ultra High-End Audio and Home Theater Review

The Ultra High-End Audio and Home Theater Review has rapidly become one of the leading sources on the web for up-to-the-minute industry news, product announcements and reviews, manufacturer interviews, trade show coverage, commentary and other information on all aspects of high performance audio and home theater.

The model is simple: highly selective content curation, product reviews and original commentary. Unlike other websites devoted to high performance audio and home theater, which are updated at most a few times a month, the Ultra High-End Review is updated every day, throughout the day. It monitors hundreds of websites from around the world, and presents breaking news stories, press releases, product announcements, and links to product reviews in a highly organized, graphically rich, easily searchable format. No need to scour the web using traditional search engines to keep up to date. A quick visit once a day to the Ultra High-End Review is all that is required to stay on the forefront on what is happening in the industry.

In addition, the Ultra High-End Review publishes its own reviews of high-end audio and home theater components and loudspeakers. Rather than simply accepting requests for reviews from manufacturers, the Ultra High-End Review proactively identifies cutting-edge, high-end audio and home theater products of interest to readers. The Ultra High-End Review arranges for short-term loans, and writes honest performance evaluations in straightforward prose that conveys what the reviewer hears without resorting to flowery language and hyperbole. Evaluations are based on a reviewer-owned reference system rather than a system whose components are on loan from manufacturers and change with the weather. You will never read a gushing review of the latest magic tweak which defies logic, science and common sense at the Ultra High-End Review. Real products, real reviews.

To maintain editorial independence and integrity, the Ultra High-End Review is a completely non-commercial endeavor. Advertising is neither solicited nor sold. Neither the editor nor any contributor derives any income from the website. The manufacturer logos and links on the left side of web pages are randomly selected from a comprehensive industry database, and are provided for the benefit and convenience of readers.

The Ultra High-End Review is fully integrated with social media. All posts are also carried on Facebook and Twitter, product reviews are republished on Google+, and there are even free apps for iOS and Android devices.

For inquiries, please contact Frank Berryman at: [email protected]