AXPONA 2010 Coverage

March 8, 2010
The Audion, Belles, Continuum and Lansche Room

The find of the shown was the new Lansche 4.1 speakers ($55,595) with powered subwoofers and plasma tweeters which have a frequency response – are you sitting down – of 25Hz-150KHz. In other words, the high frequencies keep going and going. They provide the most realistic reproduction of cymbals and triangles I have ever heard. And I think they mate better with dynamic drivers than they do with the Acapella horns.

The Lansche speakers are 99db efficient so the new Belles SA-500 stereo power amplifier was barely taxed ($9,000).

A/C conditioning was provided by numerous cherry boxes from TriPoint.

For vinyl playback, Michael Fremer’s reference Continuum Caliburn turntable ($150,000) was used.

It is a multi-box affair. The top box is the speed controller and the bottom box houses the vacuum pump for LP hold down.

Preamp duties were handled by the dual mono Audion Quattro Premier ($15,000). It includes both an MM and MC phono stage.

I thought it was great that they fell back on the venerable Audio Alchemy ACD Pro CD player for digital playback. To be honest, I doubt it was even used.

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