AXPONA (Jacksonville) 2012 Coverage

March 12, 2012

The Olive, Rogue Audio, Silnote, Tyler Acoustics and VPI Room

Tyler Acoustics brought along its rather large Decade D20s. Thanks to dual woofers and a low-frequency extension of 25Hz, they were able to fully pressurize the room and deliver convincing sound, helped in part a well by the 1″ fabric dome tweeter. The price on the website is $10,500, but if you call directly you may be quoted as low as $6500. Just make sure you have the requisite space for them in your listening room.

For analog playback, they brought along the now out of production VPI HW19 turntable, and used a Rogue Audio Stealth phono preamp ($895).

Digital playback was handled by an Olive music server.

All of the sources passed through the the Rogue Audio Tempest III integrated amplifier ($2995) on the way to the Decade D20s.

Cabling was provided by Silnote.

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