AXPONA (Jacksonville) 2012 Coverage

March 12, 2012

The Coda, Emotiva, and Legacy Audio Room

I have never heard a bad presentation of Legacy loudspeakers, This time was no different. At the two channel end of the room, Legacy demoed its Focus SE ($9200/pair) (inside) and Whisper HD ($20,995/pair) (outside) loudspeakers. Shown below are the Ayon CD-7 CD player ($5500), Coda CL preamplifier ($2500) and one of a pair of Coda CX power amplifiers ($5900 each) used in the demonstration.

At the home theater end of the room, Legacy showed off its Signature SE left/right speakers, Silverscreen HD center channel speaker, and Metro subwoofer.

The electronics were an Oppp BDP-95 universal Blu-ray player ($999), an Emotiva UMC-1 surround sound processor ($499), and an Emotiva XPA-5 five channel amplifier ($899).

Cables were by Clarity Cable.

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