AXPONA (Jacksonville) 2012 Coverage

March 12, 2012

The AIX, B&W and Bryston Room

In an adjacent room, Mark Waldrop played back his truly high-resolution recordings on a system comprising three B&W Nautilus 802 Diamond loudspeakers ($7500/each) across the front and two B&W Nautilus 803 Diamond loudspeakers ($5000/each) in the rear, all powered by Bryston 7B SST2 monoblocks ($5100/each). There was a least one sub of unknown provenance for the LFE channel. Playback was achieved with the ubiquitous Oppo BDP-95 universal Blu-ray player ($999) and Bryston’s new SP3 surround sound processor ($9500). I don’t recall the model of the JVC projector or Stewart projection screen. Cables were by DH Labs. Mark prefers the mix where you are surrounded by the instruments, which I find disconcerting, but an audience mix is available on all of his recordings as well.

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