AXPONA (Jacksonville) 2012 Coverage

March 12, 2012

The MBL Room

It is a first for me to name the MBL room as the best room at show, but the planets aligned, and MBL walked away with the accolade. The sound was simply phenomenal, but in a musical rather than audiophile way. I spent a lot of time in the room just listening to the MBL 101E MKII loudspeakers ($70,500/pair) powered by a pair of MBL 9011 monoblocks ($53,000/each).

MBL has several lines of products. The showed both their upscale priced Reference line as well as the “affordable” Corona line.

First up is the Reference MBL 6010D preamplifier ($26,500).

You are also going to need a CD transport. The Reference MBL 1621A ($28,000) should do.

As the 1621A is just a transport, you’ll need to add the Reference MBL 1611F DAC ($28,700).

Comparatively speaking, the Corona line seems downright affordable. Take the MBL C51 integrated amplifier ($11,100) (top) and the MBL C31 CD player ($9,200) (bottom) for example.

Add a pair of MBL 126 loudspeakers ($11,800) and you are in to game for around $32,000.

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