AXPONA (Jacksonville) 2012 Coverage

March 12, 2012

The Conrad Johnson, dCS, Scaena and Veloce Room

The Scaena Spiritus 3.4 loudspeaker system ($114,000) sounded sublime through the midrange and treble, but the bass was boomy – really boomy. It’s got to be tricky setting up a pair of subwoofers, each having two 18″ drivers, in any room, particularly a hotel conference room. After the rep showed me the hilarious pictures of how they shoe-horned those subs into Jonathan Valin’s listening room, which is not much larger than my smaller listening room, I’ve got to believe to be successful Scaena needs to focus on developing some smaller subs for normal listening rooms. They’ve certainly got the other two-thirds of the equation nailed.

Ancillary components included a pair of Conrad-Johnson ART monoblocks ($35,000/pair), one of which is shown below, and a Veloce Platino LS-1 linestage ($18,000) and dCS Scarlatti stack ($80,000), photos of which can be seen in my coverage of the YG Acoustics room.


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