AXPONA (Jacksonville) 2012 Coverage

March 12, 2012

Bob Carver

Bob Carver debuted his Amazing Line Source Speakers ($22,000) which, to coin a phrase, were amazing. Tremendous soundstage depth even in a small room. I was also surprised at how solid the bass was for a speaker whose largest driver is just 4 inches in diameter. Of course, there are 22 of them! And don’t let their height in the photograph fool you. The speakers are 7’6″ tall, meaning you are going to have about 6″ to spare in a room with 8 foot ceilings. The hotel room had at least 10 foot ceilings.

The preamplifier was Purity Audio Design’s Ultra GT ($28,000) with silver everything, including silver Dueland capacitors and silver Bybee purifiers.

In keeping with the black theme, each of the loudspeakers was biamped with a pair of Bob Carver’s Black Beauty 305s with three complimentary pairs of KT-120s providing 305 watts into 8 ohms ($12,900/pair).

The digital source was the AMR CD-77.1 CD player ($10,995).

Bob also had on display the 200 watt Cherry 180 monoblocks ($7400/pair).

Cables were by Analysis Plus.

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