AXPONA (Jacksonville) 2012 Coverage

March 12, 2012

The Eggleston Works, Krell, Nirvana, Tact and Tripoint Room

Larry Diaz and the High End Palace sponsored a room featuring the Eggleston Works Fontaine Signature loudspeakers ($8000/pair).  The front end was a Nirvana music server ($8500), which I am completely unfamiliar with, and the Tact 2.2x preamplifier and room correction system ($6800).

Power was supplied by the Krell S275 stereo amplifier ($5500).

What struck me was the emphasis placed on power conditioning and tweaks from a company called Tripoint.  First up was their $20,000 Orion Master Reference power conditioner which operates on some sort of “magnetic modules” and “harmonic tuning” of each individual outlet.

More controversial was the use of the Tripoint Troy grounding device ($12,000) which you connect to the chassis of each component in your system with a Master Reference Silver cable ($2250/meter).  Four were in use in this system, so the total cost of the Troy and cables was $21,000.

So $41,000 for a power conditioner, grounding device and associated cables in a system with a pair of $8000 speakers. I would have allocated my budget differently.

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