CEDIA 2011 Coverage

September 12, 2011
Meridian Audio

I spent some time talking with Ken Forsythe, Director of Product Management for Meridian America, in their suite at the Conrad Hotel. On working display were the Sooloos Control 15, the Media Core 200 and a pair of DSP3200 speakers. In addition, Meridian showed three new products – the DSP3300 loudspeaker ($4000/each), an MTM design which can be used in either vertical or horizontal orientation, the DSW subwoofer ($5000), and the Media Drive 600 expansion media storage unit ($5000). The later is the successor to the Sooloos Twinstore and hosts two (up to) 2TB hard drives which can be configured in either a RAID-0 or RAID-1 array. The most exciting news from my perspective is that Meridian will be releasing a revised Sooloos iPad app which mimics to a large extent the graphical user interface of the Control 15. In addition, Meridian will have a software update for the HD621 to enable 3D capability. Meridian enthusiasts will have to wait until Christmas before the new Sooloos iPad app and HD621 software is rolled out.

Meridian DSP3300

Meridian DSW Subwoofer

Meridian Media Drive 600

In honor of its fortieth anniversary, Meridian will be offering forty special limited edition systems consisting of Meridian’s ultimate 808.3 CD and Meridian Sooloos Player with a pair of flagship DSP8000 loudspeakers in Ruby Red. Only five sets have been allocated to the U.K. and eight sets to the U.S., so best get in touch with your dealer ASAP if you are interested in acquiring them. The price will be $100,000. After the forty sets are produced, the Ruby Red color will be removed from Meridian’s ColorMatch program for all but the purchasers of the limited edition units, who will be allowed to add additional matching components to their system.

Complete details are available here.

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