T.H.E. Show (Las Vegas) 2012 Coverage

January 15, 2012
The Audio Power Labs, Lotus Group, SMC Audio and Wavac Room

Audio Powers Labs 833NT monoblocks ($180,000/pair) were also used the power the large Lotus Granada G2 speakers ($75,000/pair), taking turns with the Wavac HE-333 MK II monoblocks ($19,500/pair) sitting atop some hefty black Wavac power conditioners. Across the room, the source was a Hanss T-60 turntable turntable ($8000) with a Talea II tonearm ($8500). Steve McCormack supplied his new SMc Audio VRE-1C preamplifier ($16,950) and also showed the whimsically named Interocitor One ($2500). According to Wikipedia: “The interocitor, also spelled interositor, is a fictitious multi-functional device featured in the 1955 science fiction film This Island Earth. The device arrives in kit form as an intelligence test for scientists who might prove helpful to an alien race.” In this case, it is an isolation transformer device for balanced and unbalanced connections.







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