T.H.E. Show (Las Vegas) 2012 Coverage

January 15, 2012
The M Audio Room

One of the highlights of T.H.E. Show was the introduction by Tom Maker, founder of Edge Electronics, of the M Audio (not to be confused with M-Audio, manufacturer of consumer and semi-professional audio products), of the new Model 10 loudspeaker, It is constructed from aluminum, carbon fiber and fiberglass reinforforced extruded polyethelene, with the midrange and tweeter enclosures braced with tension rods to keep resonances to a minimum. Crossover and phase alignment are handled by DSP. The M-10 is active in design, with the bass cabinet housing the amplifiers. An Olive music server served as the source, with an Edge preamplifier controlling volume. ZenSati cables were used. As with most active loudspeakers, the sound was extremely dynamic, and in this case refined.



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