T.H.E. Show (Las Vegas) 2012 Coverage

January 15, 2012
The Acapella and Einstein Audio Room

AAudio Imports showed Acapella and Einstein Audio products at T.H.E. Show, which struck me as odd since they also had two suites at the Venetian for CES where they showed the other lines they carry, including Bergmann, B.M.C., Lansche and Ypsilon. I would have thought that they would have wanted Acapella and Einstein to receive the greater coverage displaying at the Venetian affords.

Anyway, they featured the new Acapella Violin MK VI loudspeakers ($36,000/pair), which have new crossover components, as well as improved adjustability for the plasma tweeter. Einstein components included the top-loading The Source MK II CD player ($13,000), the new The Preamp preamplifier ($18,000) and the new The Final Cut Ultimate OTL monoblock amplifiers ($40,000/pair). The Light in the Dark DAC ($9000) was on static display.






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