Wireworld Pulse and Nano-Eclipse Headphone Cables

February 25, 2016


Marc Mickelson has posted a review of the Wireworld Pulse ($138) and Nano Eclipse ($450) headphone cables at The Audio Beat. His conclusions:

“Next was a cable from Wireworld, the Pulse, which I had been using at home with Sennheiser HD 600s and HD 650s. Again the difference was enormous, but all to the better, the sound restored to much of what made direct connection so compelling…I then skipped over a couple of cables in the bundle to Wireworld’s top-of-the-line Nano-Platinum Eclipse ($450/meter length). The sound was broadly like that of the Pulse but more detailed, especially in the uppermost treble and throughout the midrange, and more airy, the sense that the performers were pushing the spatial boundaries of the headphones being obvious.”

You can read the full review here.