TAD Taps MoFi for U.S. Distribution

February 2, 2016


MoFi Distribution is proud to announce it has been selected as the North American distributor of Technical Audio Devices Laboratories, or TAD, as the company is more commonly known. Formerly represented by Pioneer USA, TAD chose to partner with MoFi because of the latter’s experience and focus as a high-performance home audio distributor. With roots in studio sound stretching back to the 1970s, TAD and MoFi are internationally recognized as pioneers of high-performance home audio reproduction.

TAD is a world-class manufacturer of loudspeakers and components based in Tokyo, Japan. Since 1975, the company has provided speakers used in recording studios around the world. TAD Home Audio was launched in 2008 to deliver professional studio audio quality to consumers by incorporating technological breakthroughs such as its proprietary Vapor Deposit Beryllium drivers and SILENT™ cabinets.

“MoFi and TAD share the same goal of reproducing music in the most realistic way possible, putting aside time and cost barriers. TAD has been at the forefront of loudspeaker design for decades and produces some of the best products in the marketplace. We are excited and humbled by the opportunity to raise the awareness of this important brand in the North American market,” said Norbert Schmied, Managing Director at MoFi Distribution

MoFi Distribution was started in 2015 to represent and distribute products from select global audio manufacturers in the U.S. market. Its sister company, Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab, has remained the undisputed trailblazer and leader in audiophile recordings since 1977. MoFi maintains its ongoing commitment to improving industry standards, resulting in numerous innovations such as half-speed-mastered Original Master Recording™ LPs and the forthcoming UltraDisc One Step™ LP.

MoFi Distribution imports and distributes AVID, Koetsu, Quad, solidsteel, and Wharfedale and also represents U.S.-based brands Balanced Audio Technology and Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab. More information can be found at mofidistribution.com

Source: Press Release