Scott Hull of MasterDisk Discussed Vinyl Quality

March 5, 2011

I stumbled across a treasure-trove of information on turntables and vinyl on at The MasterDisk Record, a blog by Scott Hull, a respected mastering engineer and owner of MasterDisk Studio in NYC. Grab a a cup of coffee and have an enjoyable read.

Week 1: Introduction: the Basics of Cutting Records

Week 2: An Appreciation of the Vinyl Aesthetic

Week 3: All About the Groove, Part 1: A Really Close Look at Some Grooves

Week 4: All About the Groove, Part 2: The Stereo Cut Explained

Week 5: All About the RIAA EQ Curve: The Standard That Made the LP Possible

Week 6: Is Your Turntable Cartridge Doing a Good Enough Job for You?

Week 7: How Quiet Are Your Records

Week 8: What Happened to My Masters?

Week 9: An interview with master cutting engineer Tony Dawsey

Week 10: How many grooves are there on a typical record?

Week 11: All About Deadwax, Part 1

Week 12: All About Deadwax, Part 2

Week 13: Changers, Oddities, and Good-Bye for Now