Roksan Announces Oxygene 30 Turntable

February 17, 2016


Roksan Audio have been considered a leading force in the analogue audio world since their first product, the Xerxes record player, was released in 1985.

The Oxygene 30 Turntable boasts an elegant, minimalist aesthetic inspired by the popular Oxygene range of hifi electronics. But beneath its striking gloss-white exterior is an innovative design that draws heavily from the Xerxes 20Plus.

The Oxygene 30 utilises a complex, multi-layered, four-piece plinth design with a new high-mass mounting block for housing the motor. The new motor mount ensures that unwanted resonances from the motor are transferred into the block and significantly attenuated before reaching the top plinth. It also improves motor alignment for optimal belt tension and reliable speed stability.

The central objective behind the multi-section plinth is to isolate the core components of the turntable, allowing not only the motor, but also the tonearm, cartridge and record platter to perform at the highest possible standard. Between the plinth layers, high-quality isolating materials are used for tuned decoupling.

The Oxygene 30’s two-piece platter utilises a solid aluminium alloy, which forms a completely dampened, resonant free surface when the inner and outer platter are combined. Like the Xerxes 20Plus, the Oxygene 30 also uses a removable spindle cap, which reduces bearing noise transmission through the record surface.

The Oxygene 30 is supplied as a package in the UK; just install your preferred cartridge and you’re ready to integrate it into any vinyl-ready hi-fi system. The turntable is supplied as standard with Roksan’s XPS-7 power supply/speed controller, and inside the box is a Pro-Ject 9CC Evolution tonearm. The engineers at Roksan have worked extensively to accommodate this popular 9” carbon fibre tonearm on the Oxygene 30, including the development of a brand new mounting plate.

The Oxygene 30 turntable perfectly represents the ethos behind the Oxygene range, as well as Roksan Audio’s wider brand philosophy. The overall design is compact yet highly resolved, and the sound performance is striking in its clarity, detail and musicality. The Oxygene 30 is a new must-consider product in the world of high-end vinyl playback.

SRP £2,500.00

Source: Press Release