Rogers High Fidelity EHF-100 Integrated Amplifier

November 9, 2012

Art Dudley has posted a review of the Rogers High Fidelity EHF-100 integrated amplifier ($6350) at Stereophile. His conclusions:

“In my 28 years of writing professionally about domestic audio, I’ve reported on the products of literally scores of startup companies. None of them has approached, let alone matched, the level of professionalism evident in the Rogers High Fidelity EHF-100. From its design and construction through its packaging and documentation, this amp is among the most mature products I’ve had the pleasure of testing, from a company of any age.

And I was pleased with the sound of the EHF-100. The Rogers amp wasn’t as nuanced, colorful, or dramatic as my Shindo separates; then again, at approximately one-third the price, I wouldn’t have expected it to be. By the end of the review period, I was impressed that the Rogers offers very good value for money in terms of musical and sonic performance—and very good value considering the quality of its parts and construction. With this amp, Roger Gibboni has single-handedly disproved the notion that a new American electronics manufacturer can succeed only by serving the luxury end of the market. The Rogers EHF-100 is more than just good sound and good value: It’s good news. Very highly recommended.”

You can read the full review here.