Reviw: KEF Reference 201/2 Loudspeakers

October 21, 2010

Alan Sircom has posted a review of the KEF Reference 201/2 loudspeakers (£3,50) at AVGuide. His conclusions:

Playing around with large loudspeakers that cost as much as a shiny new BMW, it’s no great leap to become myopic and forget that people who love hi-fi aren’t all able to drop £50,000 on a loudspeaker and even if they could, they’d have a struggle to shoe-horn it into a typical listening room. Which is where the KEF Reference 201/2 comes in. It’s a speaker that delivers a sublime performance for real-world people in real-world homes using real-world systems at something approaching a real-world price. And, as that puts it in the same league as some of the very best standmounts around, it comes in as the best value option of the lot.

Under such conditions other issues, such as its demands on source, amplifier or environment are secondary, assuming the speaker isn’t so demanding that it spends its years in search of better audio components. And, under such conditions, you will struggle to find something better.

You can read the full review here.