YG Acoustics Kipod Main Module Loudspeakers

November 10, 2010

Kipod main modules ($15,000) shown here atop optional bass modules ($21,000)

Jerry Seigel has posted a review of the Review: YG Acoustics Kipod Main Module lloudspeakers ($15,000/pair) at 10 Audio. Here is a sample:

The Kipods offer an absolutely consistent tonal or harmonic quality from mid bass, about 60 Hz, to the uppermost limits of the recorded treble. There is no change of character, no wavering or inconsistencies of the sound stage, and no forwardness or recess in any narrow or wide frequency band. With lesser speakers, I often hear a drum set further back in the sound stage than the cymbals, which often seem to be positioned closer to the speakers. Listening to the Kipods, those cymbals are locked in the location of the drums and never wander forward. Likewise, the character of a singer's voice does not change when she scales from contralto to soprano.

The Kipods are the highest resolution speakers I have heard in my room, including a couple of models with ribbon tweeters. This resolution is consistent across the entire frequency range. There is a confidence that nothing is missing, and every detail, however small, is heard. The tweeter, modified in-house, surpasses other speakers that use a ribbon super tweeter by not needing that extra crossover. As the frequency increases, the density of information increases which can increase the audibility of crossovers. No additional crossover means there are no anomalies in the upper frequencies. All voices and instruments have a wonderful purity of tone in their upper harmonics.

You can read the full review here.

Robert Harley, Editor of The Absolute Sound, also reviewed the Kipods, with optional bass modules, here.