Von Schweikert UniField One Loudspeaker

November 15, 2010

Alan Sircom, Editor of Hi-Fi+, has posted a review of the Von Schweikert UniField One loudspeaker (£4,995/pair). His conclusions:

There’s an obvious rival in the KEF Reference 201/2, also in this issue. Both sport a coincident drive unit (the famed Uni-Q, in the case of the KEF), both are standmounters and while the 201/2 is actually a three-way design, they have similar frequency response characteristics. A soundbyte comparison would place the KEF is the winner for those ruled by their heads, where the UniField One is the one from the heart, but as with any pithy comment, it fails to get the details across. The KEF is brighter and more ‘modern’ in its balance, and far more comfortable in a wider range of rooms, but the UniField One wins out in sheer musical naturalness. I’d struggle to choose one over the other because in fairness, comparing the two is almost an exercise in futility because their commonalities are more apparent than their differences, especially in terms of detail and soundstaging. This shows both companies are on the right track and even set against the home team’s best opposition, the UniField One has a lot of music to offer..

This is a very clever loudspeaker. It’s voiced to sound remarkably good, no matter what you throw at it. That’s not smoke and mirrors, just very attentive listening from an engineer who knows how to make a good sound. Using the right materials and the right components makes that easier to execute, but I dare say Albert Von Schweikert could make a good sound out of a loudspeaker made out of matchsticks and tissue paper given the UniField One.

You can read the full review here.