von Schweikert Audio Vortex VR-33 Loudspeakers

September 10, 2010

Greg Weaver has posted a review of the von Schweikert Audio Vortex VR-33 loudspeakers ($3,750/pair) at Positive Feedback Online. His conclusion:

In my experience, there is no way you are going to find a speaker that can keep up with, let alone outperform, them at anywhere near this price, period. They will easily equal or best most anything I've ever heard under about $10-$12k, and judging by any number of criteria. By putting the bulk of the money into the essentials (the drivers, crossovers, and design), and by choosing to fabricate a "no frills," super-solid cabinet, the Maestro has found a way to do it yet again—they truly redefine and set an unprecedented new "standard" for "entry-level" high end loudspeakers! All this, for so little, and they don't have to dominate your room! Your Wife/Significant Other will be very pleased as well. Yet another desirable accomplishment of these remarkable speakers…

Further, if you've gotten the impression that I was taken with them, you'd be right again. So much so that they aren't leaving—I bought them! I'm not exactly sure in which listening space in my home they will ultimately land, but at this point, the extra punch, resolve, clarity, and sonic finesse they bring to the party has them singing away supremely in my theater/second listening space. I just could not allow something this exciting and exemplary in performance to slip through my fingers. Most ENTHUSIASTICALLY recommended.

You can read the full review here.