Steinmusic H2 Harmonizer, Magic Stones and E-Pads

July 29, 2010

You may remember that I first reported on these products at AXPONA in March. You can read my impressions here. Well, StereoTimes has posted an in-depth review of them. Here is an excerpt:

In a word, ASTONISHING! I've a single H2B and two H2As (set at an Intensity level of 11 o'clock as recommended) and ten Magic Stones. And it took me all of 30 seconds to detect something unusually sweet about the top end. And there's a much more obvious sense of bloom around instruments as well. I haven't changed any of my electronic components upstairs in years and am so satisfied with their sonic performance I don't plan to, yet this stable environment began to sound very unfamiliar – and incredibly for the better. High frequency decay and shimmer to instruments like cymbals and strings sounded freer, faster and clearer – unlike anything I've heard before in this room. Experimenting with the Intensity knob to 12 o'clock exaggerated the effect and thus destroyed the illusion of real instruments playing in front of me. Returning back to the recommended 11 o'clock position snapped everything back into focus and once again the top-end turned ultra-liquid. In no time, I found myself once again scratching my head in amazement.

You can read the full review here. Your mileage may vary.