Runco Q750i LED Projector

September 16, 2010

Chris Eberle has posted a comprehensive review, including a full suite of measurements, of the Runco Q750i LED projector ($14,995) at Secrets of Home Theater and High Fidelity. His conclusions:

Often reviews about the newest technologies end with phrases like “shows great promise” or “maybe in a generation or two…” Not so with the Runco Q750i. This projector is a standard-bearer right out of the gate. Its solid build quality speaks to the seriousness of its intent. This is not merely the first try for an LED projector. There is no reason not to consider this real competition for any bulb-based model. Light output is strong with plenty of lumens for a medium-sized theater. Performance and color accuracy is at reference level. With the Q you can have a no-compromise display with color stability and no bulb changes for the life of the product. Plus if you see rainbows with single-chip DLP, you won’t have to incur the considerable expense of a three-chip model since the Q has no color wheel. My take – the next great revolution in projector technology has arrived in the form of the LED. Perhaps bulbs will go the way of the CRT thanks to manufacturers like Runco. The Q750i earns my highest recommendation.

You can read the full review here.