RedEye Wi-Fi t o IR iPhone Remote

September 19, 2010

Chris Connaker has posted a review of the RedEye Wi-Fi to infared iPhone remote system ($188) at The Computer Audiophile. Here are his conclusions:

Pros, Cons, and Conclusions


* A single remote control for WiFi and infrared
* Great customization
* Full screen
* Hardware sits in one spot without need to touch it
* Optimized to launch quickly and to bring one right to the activity in progress
* Backup and restore capability
* Button feedback with sound or vibration


* Device setup annoyance
* Runaway volume
* Device didn't reconnect to network after router reboot


The RedEye hardware / software combination is really tough to beat for less than $190. It's not glitch free, but it's simple to use and doesn't require a certified programmer to setup and maintain. Finally the days or infrared remotes are history for those willing to give the RedEye a shot. The RedEye is the solution to a real problem, not a solution looking for a problem like so many new tech toys. Whether a user has one audio system or whole house audio or even a home theater, the RedEye can control all of them at once. Users so inclined can even get into a remote control war with their significant other using two iPhones to control a single stereo or television via the RedEye. This many-to-one or one-to-many relationship has me wondering where all the restrictions of the past have gone. It's seems like not too long ago there wold have been major restrictions limiting the number of remotes and devices and likely more than a few wireless issues. I highly recommend this restriction-free, convenience laden, music server and component control in one. It 's a great time to be an audiophile.

You can read the review here.

This YouTube video gives a pretty good introduction to the RedEye:

I use a less complicated route with my iTouch – the L5 system ($49.95). It is simple, effective and inexpensive, replacing my Pronto remote.

If I were going to use a system like the RedEye for Wi-Fi to IR conversion, I would instead opt for the iRule system which is similarly priced, but has an option for interactive RS232 control of your components, and is available for the iPad for a really big touchscreen interface.