PMC TB2i Loudspeakers

December 2, 2010

Adam LaBarge has posted a review of the PMC TB2i loudspeakers ($2450/pair) at Dagogo. His conclusions:

This fact, that I assumed they would act a certain way and they didn’t, gets to the heart of the TB2i sound. The TB2i do a very good job at reflecting the equipment driving them and the quality of the source material. For example, if I wanted a warmer midrange I could easily plug the PS Audio Perfectwave AC5 power cable into the Electrocompaniet PI-2 amplifier and the sound out of the speakers would change accordingly. The sound would be, as I expected, warmer and male vocals had a clearer presentation. If on the other hand I wanted more bass, I could drive the amplifier with the Granite Audio #570 power cable and the speakers would reflect the increase in hi frequency detail and a larger, more dynamic, and punchier bass. Same can be said about interconnects and sources. The TB2i speakers presented to me what I presented to them.

You can read the full review here.