PMC Fact.8 Loudspeakers

November 2, 2010

Kevin Gallucci has posted a review of the PMC Fact.8 loudspeakers ($9999) at Soundstage!Hi-Fi. His conclusions:

The Fact.8 is one of the best speakers I have heard. PMC reveals its pro-audio heritage in this model, but where pro monitors can be ruthlessly revealing, the Fact.8 possessed finesse and delicacy that most studio monitors I’ve heard do not. The Fact.8 is well engineered, and all the technologies PMC has used in it have resulted in an utterly pure sound that is capable of truly grabbing the listener. It drew me in with smooth and extended highs, a transparent and natural-sounding midrange, and deep, expressive bass. At $9999/pair, this speaker is not what I would consider “affordable,” but it produced sound that was, in my estimation, priceless. And that’s a fact I can live with.

You can read his full review here.