Paradigm Special Edition SE 1 Loudspeakers

December 31, 2010

Paul Beaudette has posted a review of the Paradigm Special Edition SE 1 loudspeakers ($698/pair) at Soundstage! Hi-Fi. Measurements taken in the anechoic chamber at Canada’s National Research Council are also posted. His conclusions:

The Paradigm Special Edition SE 1 has reminded me that a well-designed pair of inexpensive speakers can give more than just a taste of what the best have to offer, at a price that many music lovers are actually willing to pay. The SE 1 is easy to recommend to those looking into buying their first high-end system. It performs so well in so many areas that I think it an absolute steal for only $698/pair. Nor would a stereo system fronted by a pair of SE 1s need be a mere stepping stone to genuine hi-fi — the Paradigms could easily serve as a long-term investment guaranteed to offer years of listening pleasure and musical enjoyment. I can’t think of many other $698 investments that can promise that.

You can read the full review here.