Oppo BDP-93 Universal Blu-ray 3D Disc Player

April 6, 2011

Chris Boylan has posted a review of the Oppo BDP-93 Universal Blu-ray disc player ($499) at Big Picture Big Sound. His conclusions:

The BDP-93 is easily OPPO's most impressive disc player to date. And while the spit and polish on the OPPO's user interface isn't quite on a par with that of an LG or a Sony, the player makes up for this with its top shelf video performance. The selection of streaming services is weak, but it has Netflix and that may be enough for many people. In the end, the highest compliment I can give the OPPO is to share this one simple fact: the BDP-93 has taken up permanent residency in my A/V cabinet as my new reference Blu-ray Disc player to which other players shall be compared.

You can read the full review here.