Oppo BDP-83 Special Edition Blu-ray Player

September 24, 2010

Matt Evert has posted yet another review of the Oppo BDP-83SE ($899) at Audio Video Revolution. His conclusions mirror those of evryone else who has reviewed the unit:

The Oppo BDP-83 Special Edition Universal DVD Player is one of the few intermediately priced universal players that can provide the quality needed to shake loose from your other players. The biggest concern with universal players is that they most often do things well but due to their limited budget, they can’t do all things well and many of us are afraid to cut loose with our high-quality music players in order to have a single box. For entertainment systems that fit in this price range, you would be hard pressed to do better. Overall, I was really impressed with this player for movies as well as music from a host of formats. It’s not perfect but then again it’s a great player at a price point considerably below its performance. The remote is functional but unimpressive overall. Why is a remote so important to me? Many of you are like myself and find yourself in a darkened theater room when operating your system. We rely heavily on the remote to make this easy on us. The Oppo remote is average at best but clearly gets the job done.

In an industry that tells us to either spend more or except compromise, the Oppo BDP-83 Special Edition Universal DVD Player is a breath of fresh air. Its performance is well beyond the price and plays most everything. If this is your price range and you are considering other players, do yourself a favor and add this one to the list. Listen to it and you’ll likely buy it; it's just that good.

You can read the full review here.