Lavardin Components and Lecontoure Loudspeakers

December 17, 2010

Wojciech Pacuła has posted an unusually comprehensive and weel thought out review of a system comprised of the French Lavardin Model C62 preamplifier and Model AP150 stereo power amplifier, and Lecontoure Stabile 210 loudspeakers at 6moons. Even if you have no particular interest in these components, the review is a pleasure to read. His conclusions:

Lavardin makes no bones about what their people want to deliver to owners of even just one of their machines. But only when I listened to their complete system front to back did I appreciate the ultimate impact of their concept. Earlier on I could only guess. Incidentally the Lecontoure speakers do not contour the sound as the name would suggest. Quite the contrary. They sound incredibly smooth, soft and rather dark. There is no harshness or brightness. Their interpretation of my recordings was so different that I had to call it the Lavardin/Lecontoure sound. It was a different voice and point of view. This makes it easy to decide whether the vision or interpretation suits you or not. Regardless, one cannot deny certain obvious advantages. After a session with this, all other systems will sound aggressive. Returning to them after the ‘2L’ detox will ultimately have you—mostly—forget the French incident but that process should take longer than usual with mainstream products. In the end, somewhere in the back of your head a memory will resist erasure of this very particular unique individualistic but very attractive sound.

You can read the full review here.