Krell Evolution 707 Surround Sound Processor

October 3, 2010

Kal Rubinson has posted a review of the Krell Evolution 707 surround sound processor ($30,000) in his Music in the Round column at Stereophile. His conclusions:

In transparency and impact, Krell's Evolution 707 Reference was at least the equal of any other processor I've used. Its sound was somewhat more forward and detailed, where others offer a soundstage that's a bit more tiered and spatially balanced with regard to depth. This character will, of course, depend on both the source and the room, but the Krell was absolutely convincing with dts-HD Master Audio soundtracks. It would garner an overall high recommendation from me but for its cost ($30,000) and size. Those issues aside, the Krell Evolution 707 is a comprehensive and completely competent preamplifier-processor. It is the only pre-pro I have used that proved completely immune to audio interruptions caused by the power recycling of a connected display. Moreover, it is as great-sounding a digital processor as it is as an analog preamp . . . and vice versa.

You can read the full review here.