Hart EVO-1 Loudspeaker

October 26, 2010

Jason Kennedy of Hi-Fi+ has posted a review of the Hart EVO-1 loudspeaker ($£14,975/pair) at AVGuide. His conclusions:

Around this point in the proceedings I spent an evening listening to JBL’s new K2 horns at a friend’s house, he was raving about the detail coming out of these megabucks speakers and it wasn’t hard to hear why, however returning to the Harts and playing the same tracks resulted in a very similar level of detail with more powerful and substantial bass. Clearly the active element played a part here but there’s no getting away from the transparency on offer across the band.

Putting another amp into the mix, Chord’s compact Cyan Click revealed just how sensitive the speaker is. The Chord’s level indicator didn’t get out of the teens whereas with my B&W 802s some tracks warrant an output of twice that. By rolling the main driver off at around 70Hz and taking bass drive out of the equation, Hart has delivered a true high sensitivity speaker without the difficulties inherent with horn systems Р no wonder the Quad amp sounded so sweet.

When David came to take his speakers away I was very sorry to see them go, the EVO-1s are extremely revealing and engaging speakers that revel in a high quality signal. They are clearly more than worth the asking price even if the aesthetics are a little challenging. This would not be such an issue in a larger and lighter room than mine perhaps but if there is any justice it’s the only thing that should stand between them and world domination!

You can read the full review here.