Focus Audio Prestige FP50 Loudspeakers

November 2, 2010

Doug Schneider has posted a review of the Focus Audio Prestige FP50 loudspeakers ($4300/pair), including measurements taken in the anechoic chamber at Canada’s National Research Council, at Soundstage!Hi-Fi. His conclusions:

Focus Audio’s Prestige FP50 may lack low bass, but it makes up for it with exceptional detail and articulation in the bass region that it can reproduce, and stands out with a rich, highly detailed midrange and very refined highs. I was particularly taken with the way the FP50 reproduced voices — richly and robustly, with strong detail and iron-fisted incisiveness — and prominent yet effortless highs that sounded exceptionally airy but never bright. The FP50 is a distinctively voiced speaker that I really like. I attribute its success to the high quality of components used, particularly the drivers, and the care and attention taken in voicing the overall design.

The Prestige FP50 is not inexpensive, but it will be ideal for a particular type of listener: someone who wants exceptional refinement of build quality and sound in a loudspeaker that will complement a smallish listening room. That listener, of course, must be able to afford it — $4300 isn’t chump change. But for such a person, that price probably won’t seem outrageous or absurd at all; it will buy him or her something of distinction — precisely as is implied by the name Prestige.

You can read the full review here. Follow this link to the NRC measurements.