Epos Encore 50 Loudspeaker

October 26, 2010

Paul Messenger of Hi-Fi+ posted a review of the Epos Encore 50 loudspeakers (£4,995/pair) at AVGuide. His conclusions:

The Encore 50 deals with all kinds of music without fear or favour. Radio 3’s Choral Evensong sounded excellent, with impressive rendition of the gothic cathedral’s marvellous acoustic, but the Grateful Dead’s Anthem of the Sun was equally enjoyable, and the speakers clearly laid bare the substantial differences between the two turntables used.

While the high sensitivity provides ample practical recompense, the low impedance in the bass region does rather suggest a preference for solid state amplifiers with low source impedances and ample current delivery. While I daresay push-pull thermionic amplifiers with appropriate output transformer taps will work fine, the single-ended variety are probably better avoided.

I think it’s rather too easy to underestimate this speaker. The whole unpacking and installation procedures are enough of a chore to undermine its appeal somewhat, and while aesthetics are a personal matter, I don’t think many would consider it a design classic. And the sound quality is also arguably a little too laid back in the ‘flat’ setting.

However, select ‘+1’ on both the crossover network jumpers, wind up the volume, and the Encore 50 really starts to get into its stride and show its mettle. Understatement is still very much part of the package, but many may find this welcome, and few if any alternatives will match its combination of smoothness, wide dynamic range, ample bass and good sensitivity at anything like the price. This is a genuine high-end speaker at well below current high-end prices.

You can read the full review here.