Emotiva UPA-7 Multi-Channel Power Amplfier

October 4, 2010

Gene DellaSala has posted a comprehensive review, including a full suite of test measurements, of the budget-priced Emotiva UPA-7 multi-channel power amplfier ($699). His conclusions:

I'm actually growing tired of reviewing Emotiva amplifiers. They are mostly uneventful both on my test bench and my listening tests. They don't falter, they deliver rated power (and then some) and they are built to last. Emotiva is so confident of their reliability that they back the UPA-7 with a 5 year warranty. I was pleasantly surprised with such a well written user manual that describes proper setup and placement of their product and amplifier load considerations when connecting multiple speakers to a single channel.

The fact that Emotiva can deliver state of the art amplification at such a modest asking price of $100 per channel, simply boggles the mind. Whether you're looking for a new multi-channel amplifier to update your system or to cure the common receiver with a power boost, the UPA-7 will do so exceedingly well in all but the largest most power hungry installations. For such instances, you may want to take a hard look at their XPA or soon to be released XRef series of amplifiers. In the meantime, you can rest assured that dollar for dollar, pound for pound, a better multi-channel amplifier does NOT exist on the market. This is a safe purchase and a highly recommended one!

You can read the full review here.