Dynaudio Special Twenty-Five Loudspeakers

December 5, 2010

Ralph Werner has posted a review of the Dynaudio Special Twenty Five loudspeakers (€4.000/pair) at 6moons. His conclusions:

Dynaudio’s Special Twenty-Five remains a monitor par excellence. It exhibits high resolving power, ultra-transparent staging with high imaging precision and textbook tonal neutrality to become an essentially ‘flawless’ specimen of the breed. That’s accounting for the fundamental limitation of all such compact designs in the bass. €4.000 can go after more and lower bass of course. ‘Flawless’ thus doesn’t imply that escalation is impossible or that divergence from neutrality couldn’t be pleasing. It simply means that according to the definition of high fidelity the Twenty-Five complies perfectly to eliminate any objective criticisms.

This leaves room only for subjective preferences like wishing for juicer bass perhaps, more energetic or fulsome mids or whatever. Desires are certainly endless. On concept, realization and price, I regard Dynaudio’s Special Twenty-Five as a pure benchmark. It certainly warrants a dealer audition.

You can read the full review here.