Dynaudio Excite X32 Loudspeakers

September 10, 2010

Kirk Midtskog has posted a review of the Dynaudio Excite X32 loudspeakers ($2,800/pair) at The Absolute Sound. His conclusion:

My minor reservations about the X32 are mostly centered around soundstaging, with a caveat about harmonious pairing with associated equipment. I would take the compelling musical detail-resolving abilities of the X32 over a lackluster speaker that recreated a soundstage brilliantly. I listen to the same music again, over time, for the way it makes me feel more than for “seeing” Miles Davis again. Of course, it is great to have both compelling emotional and spatial performance in the same package. The reservations are my duty to report and really only become apparent in direct comparison with speakers that cost a good deal more.

Given the tremendous musical life that it brings to bear in an attractive package and at a fair price, the X32 really does illustrate how a well-established manufacturer can deliver good value to consumers. I don't believe the X32 is difficult to mate with a wide variety of upstream gear, especially when one considers the kind of equipment it is likely to pull duty with. Some systems just might get a much needed helping of detail and dynamic life by adding the X32. There may be interesting layers in your music collection that you ever knew existed.

You can read the full review here.