Classé Audio CT-SSP Surround-Sound Processor

October 3, 2010

Kal Rubinson has posted a review of the Classe Audio CT-SSP surround sound processor ($9,000). This unit is the equivalent of the SSP-800, but in a utilitarian case designed for rack mounting. Kal’s conclusions:

The Classé CT-SSP is the first surround-sound processor I've used that I do not want to remove from this system, but I must—so impressive is its performance that an audition with my big Manhattan rig is a necessity. A report on this will be forthcoming, but regardless of its content or timing, I here give the CT-SSP my unrestricted recommendation. At $9000 it is more expensive than most, but it delivers the goods. So much for my hypothesis that the electronics are rarely a major determinant of overall system performance.

You can read the full review here (scroll to the bottom of the page.