Bryston 3B SST2, 4B SST2 and 7B SST2 Power Amps

September 11, 2010

Jerry Seigel has posted reviews of the Bryston 3B SST2, 4B SST2 and 7B SST2 power amplifiers at 10 Audio. His conclusion with respect to the 7B SST2:

There is a level of performance in audio components that offers a listener a detailed, dynamic, rich, lifelike, powerful presentation that leaves nothing to be desired. The appreciation for this level of performance often takes just a few minutes, but usually fades along with the initial charm of a new component. The 7B SST2’s early attraction has not tarnished over time, and so I purchased them. The 7B SST2s encourage complacency and one finds that thoughts of amplifier comparisons and upgrades are largely absent. There may be better amplifiers, but in the company of an exceptional system, the Bryston amplifiers are as good as they need to be. They consistently deliver, right into your listening room, entirely enjoyable music. Experiencing the amplifiers with very good speakers, such as Gallo Stradas, or the stunningly good YG Acoustics Kipods, the Brystons make it abundantly clear that the amplifiers will probably not be the limiting factor, or weak link, in almost any very high quality music system.

You can read the full review here.