Audience Adept Response aR2p Power Conditioner

September 7, 2010

Neil Underwood of Canada HiFi has posted a review of the Audience Adept Response aR2p power conditioner. His conclusion:

The Audience Adept Response aR2p power conditioner can provide an exceptional value for any audiophile that has a high quality two channel system with transformer-based power supplies. Power amps, preamps, phono stages and source devices will benefit significantly. Plugging in a high quality power strip into one of the outlets of the aR2p will make it more versatile and allow a full home theatre setup to benefit. If you want your system to be unshackled from the nasty AC power coming out of the wall outlet and hear what your system is truly capable of – try this reasonably priced high quality power conditioner from Audience. You will never plug any of your gear directly into a wall outlet ever again.

You can read the full review here.

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