Anthem Statement D2v Processor and P5 Amplifier

December 2, 2010

Chris Martens has posted a review of the Anthem Statement Statement D2v surround sound processor ($8499) and Statement P5 five-channel amplifier ($7499) at The Perfect Vision. His conclusions:

Anthem’s Statement D2v A/V controller and Statement P5 multichannel amplifier are extraordinary components—partly because they have been so carefully thought out, partly because they are both so well executed, and entirely because they can show you what true high-end home theater experiences are all about.

Whether you are a performance-minded audiophile, videophile, or a bit of both, Anthem’s Statement components belong on the short list of components you should see and hear before purchasing top-tier home theater electronics. Given the level of performance on offer here, Anthem’s admittedly expensive flagship models are, if anything, a bargain.

You can read the full review here.