Anchor Bay iScan Duo Video Processor

December 7, 2010

Brian Bloom has posted a review of the Anchor Bay iScan Duo video processor ($1299) at Audiophile Audition. His conclusions:

At the simplest level the iScan Duo is a sophisticated video switcher with high quality upscaling and upconversion capabilities. In other words, it can take any digital or analog video source and convert the signal to a high resolution digital picture. It does this without any noticeable negative side effects and in many cases will improve the image. There are adjustments for each source (which may not be available in the display). In a more intermediate system it offers multiple audio outputs, DC triggers and lip-sync adjustment to compensate for improper audio and video alignment.

But its true value is for those who plan to make use of its full potential as a display calibration device. With the ability to adjust gamma, gray scale and a full-functioning color management system the user (or calibrator) can take display performance to the next level. In order to take advantage of these capabilities the Duo should be used with a meter and proper software. If you don’t already have a meter and calibration software, then look for stores that offer package deals.

The iScan Duo is one of those products that seem like a luxury, but once you own it you can’t seem to understand how you lived without it. Highly recommended!

You can read the full review here.