AER Disc Energizer

August 26, 2010

Well, it’s a big day for reviews of audiophile CD treatment devices. Audiophilia is currently featuring a review of the $849 AER Disc Energizer. Here is a description of how it works taken directly from Innoworks Product Creation Ltd.’s website:

With our proprietary Euphoria Technology, AER DE will induce the “Proton Vibration Alignment”, namely PVA field to a CD or DVD effectively within 5 seconds. Once the disc has the induced field and being excited by the laser of the player, two things will happen. On one hand, the disc will produce the PVA field that aligns the entire signal paths (conductors in A/V equipment) within 1 meter to the disc player. On the other hand, the disc will generate the PVA field that aligns the motions (sound wave in air) of gases and water molecules in the air. Once the micro-phase alignment is achieved, signal loss in equipment and energy loss of sound wave (music details) in air particles will be minimized. It is easy to notice the bass will be stronger and deeper with more details due to less micro-phase cancellation in the sound transmission.

Here are excerpt’s from Audiophilia’s audition observations:

I found the bass frequencies more distinct, yet just as full, I.e., exhibiting the same weight. There was less emphasis upon the word “see”, I.e., a reduction in sibilance. A layer of veiling was removed and the remaining sibilance sounded more natural, perhaps resembling what one would hear at a recording session…

The sound of the harpsichord revealed greater weight and less sharpness, when strings were struck. There was more presence of the wood body and there seemed to be a change in the spectral balance away from the treble and towards the mid and upper bass…

…overall, the effect of the sound reminded me of the sound of tubes, in the subtractive sense, creating a sense of euphonic coloration and hence pleasantness…

I would say that from my brief exposure to the Energizer, I would say that it creates a less “digital” sounding CD, in the conventional sense, and closer to the sound of an LP.

You can read the full review here. Enjoy!