Dynaco ST-1 Preamplifier and ST-70 Power Amplifier

May 10, 2016


Steven R. Rochlin has posted a review of the Dynaco ST-1 preamplifier ($1500) and ST-70 power amplifier ($2500) at Enjoy the Music. His conclusions:

“Upon seeing the new ST-70 i was in awe of the very solid build quality. Much care has been taken to provide a long and trouble-free life. Sure we could wish they kept the 5AR4 rectifier, yet only time will tell if someone designs a mod to reinstate this prized tube into the circuit. i predict that once the ST-70 makes it into the hands of modders, we may see many interesting developments. In stock form it could be a great sounding unit and excellent value for the money.”

You can read the full review here.