Triangle Loudspeakers:  Luxury Craftsmanship Made in France 

June 27, 2014

Many prestigious high fidelity brands were born in France. TRIANGLE is one of the absolute best and is a company that prides itself on a unique sound signature and a special attention to detail.
From initial engineering to final assembly, each TRIANGLE creation is the result of many years’ experience, research and an uncompromising commitment to deliver quality. For example, TRIANGLE has recently decided to relocate part of its manufacturing process back to France, with the objective of producing top quality speakers utilizing the expertise and the experience of its local teams.
The Signature and Magellan ranges are the result of the hard work and expertise of craftsmen whose experience in the domain of acoustics and aesthetic design speaks for itself in the form of the finished speakers. This form of luxury craftsmanship combines the finest woodwork with TRIANGLE’s acoustic expertise. Each product is the end result of many hours’ of work and inspection that are needed to obtain the impeccable design and finishing that is essential to any TRIANGLE product.
With our new video TRIANGLE invites you to discover a world of luxury, ingenuity and excellence located in Soissons, the cradle of the kings of France.
Discover the art of sound, with a French touch.