R&T Audio Design Orpheus Asynchronus USB DAC

June 11, 2013


We are pleased to present our newest USB asynchronous DAC Orpheus based on Xmos chipset which converts asynchronous USB data to standard S/PDIF format.

This DAC plays 16bit/44,1kHz, as well as 24bit/192kHz FLAC or WAV format. DAC section contains low jitter SPDIF receiver CS8416 with digital input transformer and high grade stereo DAC WM8740.The output stages are realized with output transformers Sowter 3575 without common ground point. The transformers are better analog filter, then op-amp LPF with zero phase shift and excellant frequency response. All stages are powered with battery power supply (12V/2,2Ah) and 5 separate low drop linear stabilizers.

The USB section is realized with Xmos processor and separate clock generator, providing all oversampling frequencies 44.1:88.2:96:176.4:192 and 358 kHz 16/24bit data .The asynchronous USB converter is mounted on separate PCB with separate power +5v. The USB section can be used as source through S/PDIF output, if you want to use another DAC. Our DAC can be used with CD transport through SPDIF input. All components (resistors, capacitors and transformers) are high quality with low manufacturing tolerance (Vishy,Pansonic,Nichiconn,Murata,Sowter). We use external automatic charger 13,6V/2A.

Technical Data

• Resolution:16/24bit
• Oversampling:44.1;88.2.176,4;192 and 358kHz
• Output impedance:10kOhm
• Output level:2.1Vpp
• Frequency response:15Hz-65kHz
• Formats :Flac,Wav,Mp3.
• Inputs:USB A,SPDI/F
• Outputs:SPDI/F
• Analog outputs:1
• Dimensions:230mm x 280mm x 80mm.
• Weight:1.5kg

Source: Press Release