RHA T20 In-Ear Monitors

March 19, 2016


Scot Hull has posted a review of the RHA T20 in-ear monitors ($239) at Part-Time Audiophile. His conclusions:

“This is a new approach from RHA and sports a whole new driver, this one featuring two voice coils, each operating independently and manipulating a different part of the diaphragm, in effect, creating two drivers out of one. I think this is a wacky way to get a dual-driver mechanism, but the net effect is undeniable — the T20 is both clearer and more engaging than it’s “simpler” sibling. It’s also a bit more neutral, sonically — more air, less congestion, and a bit less boosted down low. Bass is more balanced, more “even”, but also more articulate — punch with less muddle”

You can read the full review here.

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